Football or soccer shoes are made from different materials. It is imperative to consider the type of material used by the manufacturing company to find the best shoes. Ideally, shoes that are made from a high quality material can last for decades and withstand various detrimental weather conditions without showing any signs of wear.

Let us compare the synthetic and genuine football shoes. I hope that by the end of the article, you will be able to make a decision on which shoes to purchase.

football shoes

Genuine Leather Shoes

Most of the professional footballers prefer them because they are comfortable and fit better. This is based on the fact that the material can stretch to conform to the shape of the foot. However, the stretching can tamper with the shape of the shoe making it difficult to control the ball when wearing it. Based on the fact that the material is thick, this kind of shoes offers better protection to players. The only con that you should be aware of is that the material is absorbent. This makes the shoe heavy and hard to clean after a game.

Synthetic Shoes

Over the years, manufacturing companies have come up with smart ways of making synthetic football shoes that are very similar to the leather ones. One of the highlights is that they hold on to designs and color better because the material is man-made. In addition, they have a high water and shock resistance, and this makes them an ideal choice for playing in wet weather conditions.

Bottom line, both shoes are ideal for soccer, but if you want a shoe that will protect your feet and last for decades, go for the genuine leather shoes.