How you organize, your home is a clear indicator of your personal preference and taste. Disorganized rooms are usually a sign of someone who does not really care about hygiene. Here are smart tips on how to store your shoes to make your home look more organized and free of clutter.

Invest in Shoe Racks and Cabinets

They are available in different sizes and designs, so finding the right one will not be a problem. One of the benefits of having a rack is that it allows free flow of air around the shoes thereby prevents growth of molds and accumulation of foul smells inside the shoes.

shoe rack


Shoe Tree

As the name suggests, this storage accessory resembles the shape of a tree. It is an ideal choice if you do not want to have shoes lying on the floor. Most of them come with pegboards that you can use to hang the shoes. However, it is recommendable not to use it for long periods as it can stretch the material. Ultimately, a slight stretch will distort the shape of the shoe.

Use Shoe Boxes

Remember the boxes that the manufacturer used to ship shoes to your premise, use them to keep your home clean and well organized. All you need to do is put the shoes inside the box and placing it in a closet. One of the benefits of using boxes is that they protect the shoes from direct sunrays and dust. This in turn helps to increase the overall durability of the shoe.

Use the above simple tips to store your shoes well. The mentioned accessories are affordable and can last for centuries if well handled.