Sneakers are some of the best casual shoes that you can wear to exhume your inner style and personality. However, they need to be well taken care of to remain fresh and look great. Here are some expert tips on how to maintain sneakers.


Sneaker Balls

If worn for long hours during hot weather, they can get smelly. One of the best ways of getting rid of the odor is by using sneaker balls. They are very effective in deodorizing them when you leave them in the locker.


Due to the delicate nature of the materials used to make sneakers, it is recommendable to clean them using a soft sponge and a friendly cleaning reagent preferably organic reagent. Well, the sponge might not get rid of all the bad smells, but it will surely get rid of all dirt stains and scruff marks. Make sure that you dry them out in the open to allow all the water to evaporate and prevent growth of molds inside.

Let them Air

After walking for miles or running with your sneakers, it is imperative to unlace and open the uppers to allow a free flow of air. This simple task will help prevent buildup of odor and moisture thereby keeping it fresh.

Use Baking Soda

Sneaker balls are quite pricey; you can save money by using baking soda instead. Just sprinkle some inside the sneaker after a sweaty basketball game to get rid of the smells. If they have a mesh layer, make sure that you shake off the powder before wearing them to avoid formation of white clouds.

Taking good care of sneakers is indeed not rocket science, as most people perceive. Do the above procedures to enhance their durability and outlook.