During hot weather conditions, it is recommendable to wear open shoes such as sandals. Wearing closed shoes during such times can lead to complications such as fungal infections due to accumulation of moisture inside the shoe due to seat. Today, we look at some of the primal factors that you should consider when purchasing women sandals.

women sandals

Quality of the Material

A low price should not be the main reason why you purchase a particular pair of sandals. You need to consider the quality of the material to save money that you would spend on more pairs in future. In addition, low quality materials can cause skin irritation and infections especially if they absorb water. The best sandals are made from leather, natural fibers, or a special rubber that is bacteria resistant.

Body Shape

Just like purchasing clothing such as jackets, you should choose sandals that are in line with your body shape and type. For instance, strappy heel sandals make the fee look large and weird while gladiator sandals are ideal for various body types. A single addition of an ankle strap can make your legs appear short or ankles heavy.

Size of your Feet

If you have big feet, choose sandals that have a wide coverage. However, you still need to know the size of your feet and that of the sandal before placing your order.

Finally, put into consideration the cost to make the required financial plans. Most online stores offer coupons and discounts especially during the holidays and festive seasons. Use them to reduce your expenditure.