Sneakers are some of the best casual shoes that you can wear on unofficial occasions or during the weekend. Here is an expert guide on the various types of sneakers that you can purchase.


Light Weight Running Sneakers

As the name suggests, this is a special sneaker that is tailored for running and is very light. Some of the factors that you need to put into consideration when shopping for this kind of sneaker include liners, arc support, sole, flexibility, and size of the heels. The best have a superior arch support and this makes them a perfect choice for persons who have low arches.

Skating Sneakers

This one has a special design that grip skateboards perfectly. The manufacturers also go an extra mile to ensure that each pair is well padded especially around the heel area in order to prevent injuries. It is also important to point out that the sole is usually very wide and flat to cover the sole perfectly.

Stability/Support Sneakers

They are referred to as support sneakers due to their ability to offer support to persons who have feet injuries. Most of them have a special design that helps to improve over pronation. What is over pronation, you might ask? Simply put, this is a simple term that is used by medical and fitness professionals to prevent the foot from rolling or moving inward too much. Different brands have varying arch support levels, and so it is important to check the specifications to find the right one.

These are the three main types of sneakers in the market. Be sure to purchase them from an accredited seller to get value for every penny that you spend on them.